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Make new friends!Meet like-minded ladies & gents!(21-45/FREE Drink)ZU

13 Januar :19:00 - 21:00

Join us for a joyful evening of meeting new like-minded ladies and gents, making friends and enjoying some fun ice-breakers this New Year!

Join us for a joyful evening of meeting new like-minded ladies and gents, making friends and enjoying some fun ice-breakers this New Year!

– All members will enjoy a complimentary welcome drink!

– Special Offer – Bring one lady friend for free with any ticket purchase! Please note – Ticket holder and the free entry lady friend should come together else it is not valid.

– NEO, your charming host will be there to welcome you warmly into the group and also help you with introductions! We welcome locals and internationals both!

**We use PayPal checkout for eventbrite as we operate in over 20 countries and it is one of the few reputed multi currency global checkout platforms. When you want to buy a ticket it will take you to PayPal checkout where you can either use your PayPal account (you don’t need to have an account) OR use the link at the bottom of that page where you can use any debit or credit card. It will ask you for your email address but that is only to send you a PayPal receipt. You do not need a PayPal account to use this**


Early bird ticket – CHF 10 each

Regular ticket – CHF 15 each

Cash at the meetup – If you have not purchased your ticket in advance then you can pay CHF 20 per person in cash on the day of the meetup to NEO (Please bring exact change)

Why should you attend our meetups?

– We have hosted meetups in over 30 cities world over for the last 10 years with over 50 meetups a month where 1000s of social connections, friendships and relationships have been created. We understand our member needs.

– We tend to have space earmarked for our groups so you get a comfortable and safe environment to mix and mingle at our meet-ups.

– You will generally find a good gender balance (though not perfect) at all our events.

– Many Free events also tend to only serve the needs of organisers (and their close friends) who then use them to market their products or services or in some cases give them easy access to members of the opposite gender. We have never really seen organisers of free events do them for altruistic reasons. At most times they tend to have an undisclosed but dubious reason to do them. We don’t! We only organise our events to help members and overall cover our costs.

Some Important points:-

  • NEO is hosting the event. He will welcome you warmly at the venue and introduce you to a few other attendees so long as you come early.
  • We have our area booked for Meetup. Please ask the bar staff for Meetup/NEO and they will help you find us.
  • The age group 25/50 is an indicative guideline. You are welcome to attend if you are a few years either side of the guideline.
  • Please be aware that about 90% of those who attend come alone and about 80% are attending for the first time. You will not be alone. We know how you may feel and NEO will take care of you.
  • We have 5 meetup groups in Zurich with over 11400 members and we will be inviting members from all those groups to attend. This ensures that we always have a good number of people, with varied interests.
  • We are not a dating group. Our events are not organised to manage your dating life. Our group is created to help ladies and gents meet other like minded ladies and gents. Please do not attend our event if a perfect gender balance is important for your enjoyment of our meet-up. Keep an open mind and join us to make new friends.

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